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Arctic Frost Sunglasses

Arctic Frost Sunglasses

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Handcrafted with our signature crystalline faux hyper-realistic ice, these glasses feature a sleek and comfortable design that makes them perfect for any occasion. Not only do the sleek and modern silver frames style well with almost any outfit, they add a magnificent backlight to the snow and ice that produces a brilliant shine. They feature polarized  UV400 lenses to protect from harmful and aging UV rays, which makes them practical for year round use. The Arctic Frost Sunglasses also feature  rubber nose bridge pads, to ensure comfort and a fit that will stay on regardless of the activity. We often forget how important UV protection is in the winter especially, however, did you know that snow is highly reflective? On a Sunny Winter day, clean fresh snow can reflect 90% of UV radiation, this means you can be exposed to double the UV rays. This UV radiation can not only damage the skin around the eyes, but make it difficult to see without squinting, and can sometimes lead to Snow Blindness (photokeratitis that is caused by UV rays reflected off ice and snow).





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